The hidden gem - Reunion Island

April 23, 2021

The name says it all – mesmerising sceneries, picturesque landscapes, refreshing waters and some quality time with your beloved.

About Reunion Island:

The mountainous topography, deep canyons and volcanic lava cliffs forming an integral part of the Reunion’s scenic galore make it an exotic destination, a perfect get away from the city’s concretes. 

With wild plants growing along as you stroll through the island of wonders, take a trip to witness the Maison de la Broderie Museum that houses eminent ethnic needlework undertaken by the women of the Cilaos town; the route by road to the town is of the most scenic drives in Reunion. 

Things To Do:

  • Bois Rouge Sugar Factory Tour – Whether it is to indulge your sweet tooth or satisfy your curiosity about the crystallization of sugar from the cane or to experience the conversion of the same into rum, this tour is a one stop destination for it all.
  • Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains – A perfect weekend getaway, where you can choose to either take a lazy dip in the crystal blue waters of the white sandy beaches, or get adventurous and go snorkelling underwater, or simply take a long leisurely stroll across the gorgeous Garden of Eden.
  • The Cirques of Cilaos, Mafate & Salazie – An amphitheatre said to be formed naturally due to the self-collapsing of the volcano, this combined untamed wilderness is a sight worth devouring.
  • A visit to Kelonia – A turtle observatory at Saint Leu, where you can see these otherwise tiny creatures moving around freely in their best environment.
  • Saint Pierre’s Helicopter tour – An aerial view from the highest possible point that will leave you absolutely spell bound, undoubtedly the best way to fall in love with the charming island.

Piton de la Fournaise – Currently, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the ultimate destination if you are at Reunion.

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