Seychelles for honeymooners

April 24, 2021

A land made up of multiple islands, each more striking than the other.


With a consistent tropical climate, walk across the secluded coves, explore the reclusive forests and unwind yourself with a dip in the glittering turquoise waters, La Digue, Cousine, Denis - islands that are unspoiled, a perfect honeymoon destination. 

Things To Do 

  • Vallee de Mai – A romantic stroll along the untouched valley in the heart of Praslin Island, that has still preserved its natural palm forests till date, will give you the feeling of walking through the aisles of heaven.
  • La Passe – Along the Silhouette Island lies this mysteriously charming beauty that is a home to many unique and mountainous species of trees and plants. 
  • Mahé nightlife – The Beau Vallon beach is very appropriately accompanied by casinos to give you a taste of the Seychelles nightlife, and if that is not enough, there are splendid nightclubs and discotheques to dance away the night.
  • Aldabra Atoll – A pristine land off the Seychelles lagoon, a picture perfect backdrop that will invoke a deep sense of fellowship with vibrant marine life and leave you enchanted.
  • Octupus Dive – Seychellus has a multitude of diving schools where you can undertake an encounter with the spectacularly tentacle sea creature.

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