Paradise on Earth - Maldives for Honeymooners

March 5, 2021
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Paradise on Earth: Maldives

“You’ll fall in love at first sight - with the surroundings and your partner (all over again) in Maldives”

About Maldives

If you want to feel like you’ve been to paradise and back - Maldives is your go-to destination. An archipelago of 1200 islands, the Maldives have luxury beyond your imagination. Check yourself into an island resort and watch the magic unfold. Private infinity pools, suites built in the middle of the lagoon with unobstructed views of the waters, umpteen yacht rides, jet skiing and mouth-watering seafood are some of the highlights of a Maldivian holiday. Don’t forget to carry your camera and pack some gorgeous resort wear along. Clear skies and clearer water, Maldives’ beauty can convert even an amateur photographer into an expert one, making you look like a stunning model couple in each picture. 

Things To Do

Dive in – The warm seas and pristine water will allure you to take a look at the variety of passing fish and 3000 coral reefs. 

Surfing – If you love water sports, Maldives will be your heaven. Swim for recreation, play water polo – do anything you enjoy. 

Travel to uninhabited islands – Choose between bright modern islands or quiet fishing villages. Play cards, exchange news, tell stories and listen to the local radio. 

Relax – The green islands of Maldives are perfect spas in themselves for you to let your hair down and rejuvenate yourself. Try the Maldivian virgin coconut oil or the local favourite gandhakolhi leaf or the traditional Maldivian sand massage. 

Seaplane photo flights – Enjoy this magical experience of a lifetime! Take off from the sea, fly over shallow lagoons, pristine waters, schools of dolphins, Manta and sting rays. 

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