Ideas for couples with work from home

May 5, 2021

We are living in times where the pandemic has brought the world under lockdown. This has made the entire society to stay home and stay safe. Though the work still continues, most working population have started work from home.

With Work from home comes its own benefits and challenges. Let us understand the situation for married couples with WFH.

A recent study shows that 43% of working parents spend less than an hour per day with their kids. That is not much time for a couple. For this reason, we are always looking for new ways to come up with some romantic ideas for couples while doing work from home.

Has your partner started working from home? Do you feel like you are losing out on time spent together? Keep reading to discover some romantic ways for you and your partner to connect.

1. Plan your work hours

It is important you clearly schedule your work hours in advance so it helps in planning the activities for the day. This way both are aware of the priorities in terms of work. Being flexible is important in times like these as relationship can be stressed due to miscommunication and lack of communication.

2. Help each other in household activities

When do you last remember your maid taking a leave and you had to do all the household work by self. Sweeping, Floor cleaning, cooking, washing utensils and clothes etc. Well, this is a new normal where your maid cannot come home until the lockdown is over. This leaves you with no choice but to do the daily activities all by yourself. Well, it also brings you an opportunity to help your partner in little way you can which makes a big difference to building a strong bond between each other. Sharing is caring.

3. Take time out to spend time together

This is what we call ' Just the two of us time.' Every day make it a point to spend atleast an hour together without any phone, laptop around. Sit down with a cup of tea/ coffee and discuss anything that comes to your mind. Sometimes we just need to vent out our frustration and thus having someone who can give a patient ear goes long way to a relationship.

4. Spend time with kids and parents

Often we see couples are busy all the time in work. They sometime overlook family needs and consider their partners to do that for them. This is your chance to make work from home meaningful by using your breakfast, lunch and dinner time to spend with family. Learn to schedule calls such a way that your family comes first. Work can wait if you have set your priorities right. A happy family ensures a strong relationship between the two.

5. Talk about goals, dreams together

If you are a newly married couple or recently married, use your time to plan your dream travel destinations. Make a bucketlist and talk about each others likings. If you thinking of buying a home, start your R&D together. This way both of you have a common goal to work towards. Believe me, just talking of future plan takes away the stress of news we hear daily.

6. Health is wealth

This pandemic has taught us how important health is. So, as couples make time to exercise , yoga, meditate together. Block each day your fitness hour and ensure you take care of the physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Help you partner who is procrastinating for days since there is no excuse of no time.

Finally, we understand the times are really tough. If one of your partner has lost the job then support them by being their side and planning the next steps. Together the bond gets stronger with better communication and understanding.

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