Honeymoon Planning Tips with Covid Safety

May 16, 2021

We received a lot of emails from couples who got married post lockdown 2020. Since one year, we have seen how the world has changed due to the pandemic. With restrictions on international travel, a lot of couple settled to consider domestic Romantic getaway.

Planning a Honeymoon travel has become even more important since safety and reliability is number 1 priority of most couples.

In this article I will share the Honeymoon Planning Tips with Covid Safety.

1 . Choice of destination

The first step to planning your honeymoon is understanding where would you both like to travel? List down the name of the destinations that are on your bucket list. Based on the month of travel, you will be able to filter the option into 2 or 3. Considering the situation of Covid stress, avoid air travel if possible since it involves a lot of uncertain government guidelines. You might need to take RT-Pcr test 48 hrs prior.

So, I often suggest to consider a Self Drive destination at least until everyone gets vaccinated.

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Once the destination is fixed, remember you have made a progress of at least 30% on your honeymoon planning. The next thing is to know which resort / hotel do we consider. Let us understand the tips to find the right resort for honeymoon travel.

2 . Choice of hotel

This is the most important part of your honeymoon travel. The hotel we choose needs to be 100% reliable and safety. So, choose only the top 4* and 5* hotels, as they treat customer safety as top priority. Make your research online going to TripAdvisor and booking.com or find the honeymoon travel expert to curate a trip for you. Ensure before booking few points clarified.

  • What are the Covid protocol at the resort?
  • Do they sign any disclaimer ?
  • Is the Pool operational / what are the experiences in resort ?
  • How about the meals served - buffet or al-carte ?
  • What are the cancellation terms ? If any emergency last minute.
  • Medical assistance at the resort ?

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3 . Packing and Covid Precaution

Remember these are times where you carry light and ensure you have enough preparedness to keep both safe and enjoy the travel. This means, avoid going to crowded places before your travel, carry hand sanitizer spray, extra masks and an oximeter / thermometer along.

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4 . Have Travel assistance

It is important during these times you have informed your family or have a travel assistance 24x7 to ensure you can focus on your travel being relaxed. Any emergency should be available on call. Your travel experts will assist you with that.

Take maximum precaution and with above tips you can be assured to enjoy a good honeymoon travel. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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