Amazing Australia for couples

April 1, 2021

“Romantic. Adventurous. Scenic. Fantastic.”

About Australia

Australia has so many facets to its personality that we don’t know where to begin. Laced with romance and adventure, it is a blend of unique culture and nature. We design special packages that will enable you to enjoy the beauty of the continent and create memories with your better half. A show at the architectural marvel, Sydney Opera House, scuba diving to see the treasures of the Great Barrier Reef and a romantic walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge will set the basis for some truly unforgettable times here. Furthermore, learn the art of paddle boarding, take a romantic dinner aboard the Darling Harbour cruise or toast to new beginnings in the Yarra Valley. One visit is not enough to cover all of Australia, but it will surely make you feel like you’ve seen something remarkable!

Things To Do

Swim, snorkel, dive – Enjoy the Great Barrier Reef! It is a living masterpiece which stretches over more than 2000 km. you cannot help but enjoy the colourful coral islands and marine life. 

Go to Kangaroo Islands – Pink pelicans across the sky, sea lions on the golden sand at Seal Bay and sleepy koalas will simple make your day! 

Visit Tasmania – Ancient natural beauty, historic cities and the lovely climate on Australia’s only island state will steal your hearts. 

Don’t miss the Blue Mountains – This is one of Australia’s world heritage sites. A million hectare of tall forests, sandstone cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and bushland, the blue-hazed mountain is a wonderful view. 

You can’t miss the Australian Alps – This snow clad and mountainous terrain with take your breath away! 

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