Why host a destination wedding in India?

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Why host a destination wedding in India?

Well, you don’t necessarily have to blow your entire wedding money on a destination wedding in India. Almost always, the guest list is lower than it would be if your wedding were held locally.
A portion of the funds can be set aside for other activities, such as visiting the city, sipping margaritas, and generally having fun, if there are fewer attendees. Because every Indian wedding vendor in the nation is aware of the specifics of an Indian wedding, you can hire local suppliers, which will save you money on transportation and vendor recruiting fees.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

A destination wedding in India would be the ideal experience that combines culture, customs, and liveliness, with gorgeous sites and stunning architectural marvels to pick from.
It would undoubtedly make each of your wedding-related events a singular experience that you and your guests would cherish forever.
For your wedding in India, consider the deserts, beaches, mountains, and palaces that once housed the aristocracy.
In reality, the gardens, resorts, and golf courses are all equally beautiful settings for your destination wedding in India.

For you, we have put together a thorough walk through to assist you in organising your destination wedding.

Reason why you should host a destination wedding in India?

  1. Family vacation

When you arrange a destination wedding, you invite only close friends and family and reduce the number of guests. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you to spend time with them. Destination weddings in India give you one or two days to spend with the couple, as opposed to typical weddings when the pair spends the entire evening thanking and congratulating guests on a stage. Almost like a lovely family vacation, which, in all honesty, becomes less and rarer as we get older due to the various obligations we all have in our life. An Indian destination wedding is a massive family holiday.

2. Increasing family ties

The family should do more than just meet and greet, whether the union is scheduled or the couple has a love story to share. A destination wedding in India enables the families to stay together and spend quality time before and after the wedding in order to bond honestly and improve relationships with the in-laws. One meal is not enough to develop a bong. The ideal icebreaker, in our opinion!

3. More Cultural

Although hosting a wedding in a far-off location like the Maldives or Dubai may sound fun, it can be difficult to organise a wedding there. However, wherever you choose to live in India, you will always be nearer to your culture. Additionally, since the hired pros will be familiar with the customs and requirements, you will need to provide them very little instruction and direction. The Indian wedding industry is well-equipped to fulfil your requests, whether it be a photo of the ceremony or the type of music you desire for your bridal entry.

4. Beautiful Pictures

The pictures from a destination wedding in India are so beautiful that we can’t stop gushing about them. Why limit the attention-grabbing aspects of your wedding photos to just your pre-wedding shoot poses? Your sundowner shots are always hilarious when you have a beach wedding. In the event of a palace wedding, the location’s royal ambiance gives your photos more flair, making you look no less like the Raja & Rani. Since candid photography is so well-liked, we can ensure that your candid photos will end up in your wedding album.

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