About Us

The world of honeymoon & top luxury havens

Honeymoon Havens, is a hospitality focused niche travel business that was started in 2012, with a sheer focus on experiential travel & high end customized planning for couples. It is a name that clearly explains the brand that is into Honeymoon travel. It is quirky when you hear as it’s treated a lot private so it makes you have a smile each time you hear about it. We rarely think as travel company but more often like your friends wanting to pull crazy ideas and let us be included in your lifetime family feeling.

A brief story on the logo: 

The HoHa logo depicts a couple relaxing & sitting on the moon; by the 5 stars around that are in the sky, celebrating togetherness and making it a picture perfect duet. 

A perfect honeymoon is not just a fantasy. With some careful planning, it can well turn into a reality. The key here is planning and nothing better than a mine full of experience to lead you to the place of your dreams. We, at Honeymoon Havens, take great pride in the fact that we dip into our vast pool of experience to chart out the best honeymoon destination and top notch luxury havens for you. We’ve tirelessly sourced the globe just so that the benefits of each destination and offers can be passed on to you. A honeymoon that is filled with love, romance, and luxury or a destination wedding that will make you want to renew your wedding vows every year – you can kick back your shoes, lay back and pass on the worry to us. All you have to do is enjoy the moment.


Our founder Honeymoon Havens to allow couples to dream larger than life travel together and then see them come true with amazing ideas and havens from around the world. He believes ‘ Hoha is not just a travel company but it’s a vision built to help each couple take at least one luxurious vacation each year. He wants to change the way people think Honeymoon travel is, to him it’s the heart of travel industry. Every travel agent claims to do Honeymoon package, which he calls it mostly are a Holiday. It’s important to educate customers the luxury that’s crafted for them which can also be affordable if they plan in advance. We want to change the way Honeymoon travel is in India and be pioneer in this space”

Our goal is to be #1 brand that is known for the luxury honeymoon. ‘ If it’s Honeymoon, its Honeymoon Havens ‘.